Friday, May 9, 2008


Today we were out to visit one of the public hospitals here in Tegucigalpa, specifically the one that serves as the primary point of entry to the hospital system for the entire country. Mostly we visited children...children with hydroencephalitis (spelling error possibility #1 of possibly...many), mylo...phalitis, cancer, surgery, physical therapy, orthopedics (falling out of trees, being run over by cars, etc.), dialysis, brain name it, little kids have it. Giving some encouragement, toys, and most and planting seeds for Christ, with the parents and the children.

Then came moving huge pieces of metal for the wall construction. Thankfully the wall should be put up soon, and I am sure the group is thankful someone else is going to do it. It was a very hot day. So naturally then we did corn distribution for 20 familes. That is 1,200 pounds of corn distributed to some extemely financially poverty stricken families. Praise God for the corn, for sending us, and for His name being shared with those families.

Then plans came up out of the blue to take a quick trip for the group to experience a Honduran mall. Other than some minor differences...a mall is a North American concept, so they are fairly similar...although I am sure they noted all the differences that are second nature to me.

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