Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Is there any connection with the word sick in Spanish to the word for hell? I wonder. Enfermo...infierno. Probably not, and being sick, I do not have the inclination to look it up one way or another.

Besides my casual interest in the connection, make no mistake...hell is much worse. So much worse, it is beyond my total comprehension.

That being said, being sick is no fun either, although I have been given pause to thank God for my otherwise good health, the money to afford the food that made me sick (I know exactly what it was...since I saw it twice, if you get my drift) and plenty of time on the floor to increase my prayer time.

I did have plenty of time to think of the perfect sermon illustration for how needing to vomit is representative of being dead in sin before regeneration. Hmmm, that would have to be a very specific crowd to appreciate it.

Better to be sick this week than next I suppose, with the group arriving. Now I can pray better for good health for the next 2 1/2 months when they will all be here.

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