Monday, May 26, 2008

Interesting day

Well, we had another robbery, or attempted robbery today. Upon trying to open one of the containers this morning, Oscar discovered someone had jimmied the lock and went to great pains for it to look like they had not entered (probably to gain entrance again tonight with more friends or great ability to take what was inside) If they took anything, it was hard to tell. We just unloaded the container last week, and amongst the boxes of shoes and such, was the donated electrical supplies we just got. Ugh. Our "security guard"/construction worker that was there over night? So says he...heard nothing. Somewhat hard to believe, and we will need to make a change on that front, when we get the other guys back from Sampedrana (a sick daughter prevented them from returning last night.) And an upswing of graffiti on the walls around the property, which is not that much fun (some related to soccer, some of unknown origin...for some reason they did not leave their contact information.)

The Ford is in the shop...or rather in the yard next to the mechanic's shop (a former neighbor of Oscar's). Trying to get it in prime shape and a check up before the groups get hot and heavy. It was...conflicting to see how he changed the oil when I stopped by to drop off some money (not enough) for a broken, literally broke in half, piece of the steering mechanism. I decided not to ask, but the black slick running down the road (a dirt road, so the oil was keeping the dust down) gave me the impression they might have just opened the flood gate. "I could have managed that" I thought.

Work continues around the clinic at a frenzied pace...a latrine money was left to build from the last group, done. Work finally starting on Hayde's new house (although slowly with foundations and such) not to mention continuing on the new clinic, and continuing organizing and improving the man cave, while keeping all the stuff we will have to have when the time comes for the new clinic, and the remodeling of the mission house. It sounds like not that big of a deal, but will take a couple women a day or more. Not to mention that we will need all that space this week to completely unload the two containers we have to move to make room for the new clinic construction (for the crane to pick them up and place them properly...they have to be empty, and every one we have right now is in some state of fullness.)

It might sound crazy, confused, or sad...but you should see the smile on my face. I do not have to tell you where that smile comes from, do I?

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