Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another panel in the wall

Greetings all,

I wanted to send out the latest pictures of the container wall almost completed. The second container is in place, and there is just a little extra that Lakota's generous donation did not cover that is left to be done. Add that to the fact that the Sherwood Oaks group we believe officially finished the pre-fab concrete portion of the walls...and that means we are done, yes? Finishing up the last portion of the container wall should be wrapped up and finished hopefully within a week. The extra good news is that we are seeing the Church take a hand in completing the fencing work. They are going to put up a gate at that bottom corner entrance, will handle repairs and modifications to the bus entrance gate, and be putting up a tall closely spaced barbed wire fence along the front of the property and continue the rock wall to some extent down along the soccer field as well. That frees up resources and time for us to tackle new jobs, like helping continue the ditch near the soccer field (to in turn help the status of the road) and get our containers better situated for the soon to be started new Church meeting place to be built. We will not have to move them far, but two of them are in the way (see Oscar Jorge and Jorge as we went to measure the currently buried fourth corner of the building? The meeting place I believe is to be 35 meters by 20 meters...something like that)

The new clinic is now getting some walls on the inside going. Once they are done (with all the minutiae of outlets, sinks and such laid out) then the roof will come next and while that is being put up we can get the guys currently living in the little wood shed into sleeping in the clinic where they can keep a better eye on things, as well as have some more space where to sleep.

With the groups left to come this summer, hopefully we will finish filling in that container wall (yes...people still crawl under it to get back and forth) at least start the ditch continuations, as well as get to help with some construction in San Juancito getting the new floor into the Church building there in preparations for that to begin being used full time, and the process of turning the pastorship from Celeo to Jonatan, which will take a few months as Jonatan is also working on getting the Church in Cantaranas started as well.

I fall into the same trap as other humans....we get excited by what we can see with our eyes (or with our eyes by seeing pictures) of the construction and such (including that great new soccer field in Sampedrana beginning the long road to hopeful completion), which is great, but by no means the only work going on in the mission. Valerie continues to do a great job at the clinic under less than ideal circumstances. The staff as well is perservering even with the rising cost of....just about everything. The usual asking for raises just because it seems right is one thing, but when it is hard to feed your family, or put your kids through school. It hurts. And Valerie working and struggling spiritually with them on a daily basis makes it hard for her too.

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