Monday, May 12, 2008


Wow, time does not fly, but it sure goes by rather quickly, yes?

Today we distributed corn to support the Church in San Juancito. We split up into four different groups and go to see quite a few people that were blessed and thankful God sent us. In addition we got to see the continuing construction of the new Church building. Seeing the women and children there today sorting and carrying sand...and working hard in the hot sun, was humbling and see that much effort being put in to have something the body there can call their own.

After souvenir shopping, and a nice liquado, it was time for supper out at El Patio once again...where I still maintain the best steaks available are found. For some, steak was not enough, and we found ourselves quickly at Baskin Robbins/Dunken Donuts for them to feed their fix....some people's fix was smaller than others.

The group is tired, worn out, exhausted, but I trust encouraged and ready for new challenges as they travel back challenged to take what God has given them here to change them there...and every where. I suppose being tired means they worked very hard, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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