Friday, June 20, 2008

Brigade just in time

Today's brigade was a rough one at the very end...the last two patients. It is a much longer story than I care to share at 12:20 AM as I write this (pray God would give me rest...because I am sleeping less than five hours a night for more than a week with work after I get home) but they were very sick little girls, with abcesses (pus, pus, pus and can see the open sore pictured here on her head) lice, poor hygiene (also note those nasty sores around her mouth), and unforunately probably much, much more. Any wonder we can see how much CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is needed when we do medical work here? There were several other interesting and challenging cases, as well as many opportunities to teach and try to help people long term deal with their health problems, but I am sure for all that were there, these two girls and their mom will stick out in their minds as well for quite some time.

I am stoked, really stoked about Andy Albendazole. Here is a guy who has a great smile, can reach out to kids, and definitely has that rebel side to him that says...."you parasites of society look out, there is a new mint flavoured chewable sheriff in town, and he is packin' 400mg of normal stomach returning power!" I think we should all petition FAME to somehow include this cute guy into future promotional material, how about you? Come on, something this important, we must make our collective voices heard! No word on him and the cutey pictured here, although I do know he solicited at least a couple other kisses that day from attractive young ladies.

Have I mentioned before that our cars take a beating? The Ford limping is still a mighty beast. This picture shows what happens when a leaf spring has taken all it can. Luckily here you can fabricate a replacement without needing the 15 day wait help of the Ford dealership. It still needs more work (emergency brake and something wrong with turning with the 4x4 engaged) but it will have to wait because the Defender has more pressing needs (like pressing in new gasket is leaking oil and the driver's door does not lock...our friend Roberto is stopping by early tomorrow to pick it up to start the fun process. Speaking of early, I promised Julia we could run together 5:45, so I better get my almost five hours of sleep and get off here!

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Anonymous said...

mom and dad
can't wait to see you soon
i love you and miss you
from jj