Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day of excitement

Excitement is blowing a couple tires before leaving the city. We arrived several hours late to the clinic brigade site...but God being who He is, we had what we could handle, and in a little more than half a day, we saw 84 patients, and even had time to stop by Zamorano just in time for the hamburger stand to be closed, but most of the group got some ice cream.

Did I mention yesterday the lady we lanced and got a gusher? Here is a picture of the prep work getting her ready. She was feeling much better when we left with the ACE bandage for pressure, and for her vericose veins as well after the bleeding and seepage stopped. Oh, she was probably happy getting rid of the nasty pus filled sore on her leg as well. Even after all the mess with the squirting blood, which in a rural setting can be somewhat disheartening...she was very thankful when we left.

Also last night just so happened a little boy showed up with puncture wounds from a dog. It was a long odd story of sorts, but he was not hurt too awfully bad all things conidered, and they at least came when we had a group here that could actually help him.
The groups staying behind to work at the clinic continue to make big strides in comfort, and usability of the man cave and mission house. They may not make for great blog stories (even though I think so) but man they are making a big impact at the same time as these brigades, just in a different setting.


Anonymous said...

hi mom and dad
i love the pic. i saw mom in one of them but i could not see dad!
Miss shery you looked like you were doing a very good job helping that boy! i love you mom and dad sooooooooooooooo....much!!!i miss you to death! i love seeing those pic. of the group! i know you guys are helping change lives!! i love ya

Anonymous said...

hi mom
i love seeing your smiling face! and i wish i could see dads too!!!
love ya jj

akeem_Jamica said...

Hey Jamica its akeem, I enjoyed your picture by the bus.. Im glad to see you doing well and doing Gods work. Me and Dai miss you we love you and we are praying for you and the others. We cant wait to see you again we love and take care while your down there. Akeem

Anonymous said...

amy and ella
plz leave a coment

lisa (dee's oldest daughter) said...

so glad to see eveyone arrived safe and sound from illinois. dee's dad was really worried about her. we love her. god bless to all.

Anonymous said...


We love you and can't wait to hear how the Lord has been revealing Himself to you this last week and a half.

We've been praying for you and the team.

Hugs and Kisses
Mom L and family