Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The group completed our wall project yesterday, all focusing to put a base to the containers we had cut up, so they mixed cement, moved rocks, put those rocks with the cement, stepped on red ant hills, and made a wall beneath the wall!

Today, more construction...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Was this done by the group from Oaklandon Christian Church?? They are an awesome group & we are praying for them while they are there that much will be accomplished!! Signed- Betty Watkins

Janet said...

Wow! Great job guys! You must have worked very hard. We're praying for all of you. You're awesome!


Janet Inman
(Jordan's mom)

Lisa Sweeney said...

Trevor might not let you guys come home if you keep working so hard!!

Please keep the Barton's in your prayers today. We had a very heavy rain last night and they lost the garage and basement room AGAIN!! They are not doing well emotionally. Becky's van was submerged, Jonathan lost his drum set and the water was up to their kitchen steps. If you have been to their home you know that it ends up being about 5 feet of water. Makes my one hour of vacuuming our basement seem insignificant.

The Sweeney kids have been praying for you guys and God is at work...I can feel it!

Have a great Day!!


hank said...

World balance. World prayer.

Wonderful to hear of your construction. Glad to see God working so hard through these servant's open hearts.

Heavy storms and tornadoes here overnight. Much loss of property, but through the grace of God, no deaths..

More storms coming next few days, and your building has only begun.

Blessings abound!

Love to each and everyone.

Hank Dragoo [Morgan's dad]

Tim & Margot Wade said...

Hey team I tried to send you a message yesterday but it didn't go through. You are all in our prayers and it sounds like God has Blessed you with the Labor to finish the wall. It is so awesome to see what you can accomplish through God.
Tim & Margot

Will said...

You guys rock! Oh, and be careful of those red ant hills. See this one time, when I was really little, I sat on one...

-Will Doublestein