Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wacky rain day

Wednesday had the group working construction again, this time most of the group moving fill material into the clinic, while two were painting parts of the wall, and two were cutting the wood for the bunk beds we will need to put together when we get to Sampedrana later this morning.

With some rain falling unexpectedly during lunch, it made for an interesting afternoon of work, and by mid afternoon I was able to let them stop to finally get a tour of the property, and a trip to the grocery store. They pressed on to move that fill even with it being more than a little wet from the rain, and even with me having a meeting with another missionary to talk about CHE and how things have gone for them in trying to implement it.

Note also the advances on the clinic construction. Rooms are starting to look like rooms, and thanks to all that fill being carried in yet again, you can almost walk at floor level! Imagine that!

Pray for us in the trip to Sampedrana today and tomorrow. It should be an eye opener in some respects for all of us


Sandy said...

Thanks for the pics! Looks like so much is being accomplished! How wonderful!
I will continue to pray for the group. May God be with you all and help our OCC group to shine as lights to all who they meet Sampedrana.
Travel mercies on all of you as well.

Thank you SOOOO much for the updates on what is happening. It is awesome to hear and see their work!

Have a BLESSED day and bring BLESSINGS to many!

Sandy Johnson

Janet said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. It looks like you are all continuing to work very hard and getting much accomplished in such a short time.
You are making such a difference in the lives of many.
We will pray for your safety as you spend your last day in Sampredrana tomorrow and travel home. It sounds like you are experiencing some heavy rains. Hope you don't get caught in any flooding.
We appreciate the updates and pictures so much. It was so nice getting on the site today and being able to see a picture of all of you. It helps keep the worrying to a minimum. Can't wait to hear about your trip to the mountains.
Again, thanks for keeping us informed, Trevor.

In His Name,

Janet (Jordan's mom)

Hank said...

The photos really bring it all home - the work, the weather, the help, the love, and the people.

Wonderful to sense the lives which will be touched through this work.

Stay strong in faith. God can move mountains.

Love to all,
hank Dragoo [Morgan's dad]

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. You are all doing an awesome job rain or sunshine. The Hondurans we have Blessings from the work you are doing for them.
Tim & Margot Wade