Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hard to see, process, understand, and more

Going back a few days...I forgot to mention that some of that lovely rain we were getting in Sampedrana was actually in the house/building where the group was staying. That problem should be fixed by the next time we stay up there. Rain indeed was everywhere (on the roof, on the walls, on the floor...not quite as bad as it sounds...but not great either.)
Also present were rocks blocking the road (what better place for a group picture?) that we had to move egyptian style (lassos moving smaller rocks to get the big one to push out of the way)
and of course Tom showing the Honduran kids how to properly assemble a bunk bed, much to their fascination. No cost was charged for the spectators of such engineering feats.

Today was a visit to the hospital to encourage, bring joy to, and pray for patients and their families. It was a growing experience for all of us. It does not matter how many times one has been there, there are always new people to see, problems to see, God lessons in store, etc. I had the pleasure and pain of being the translator for the cancer ward today, the area where the most terminal or critical patients are, and it is definitely heart breaking. One little boy who could not raise his head or move his body, having a large, dirty, tube-like affair jutting from his neck, in an isolated room (where you know that does not mean good things) upon hearing my blurted question that slipped past my better judgement: "how are you doing?" barely eeked out with his little voice "fine." Meeting so many of those kids and parents that are so grateful for such little time, little encouragment are most often times most encouraged by the one thing that we can do that has lasting value...prayer.
After that we did some pre-planned corn distribution in the area around the clinic. It is continually amazing to see such poverty and conditions in an urban center for the country, and yet here is another picture of a house that is almost to the top of the peak near the clinic where this family is living (and we are none to pleased with the looks of those bellies on the twins in the picture). They were very grateful for the opportunity to get the corn we delivered, and the prayer for their family as well. In all we distributed 1,200 lbs of corn today. Praise God!
After that came preparation for youth group, where five of the guys helped rock the house, Seth gave his testimony (as he did in the hospital to many he survived a brain tumor and saw many going through a simliar situation) Steve preached, and then they all played a one was injured in any of the four activities (although I wondered during the game....I suppose me wondering meant though that they were indeed trying as hard as they could)


Michael said...

Wow!! What a wonderful way to spend your day--serving others with your friends! And reaching out with GOD'S love to so many people who need eagerly accept prayers in Jesus' name for their daily lives!

I am sure everyone here feels blessed by sharing in this experience with the words and pictures you are sharing with us.

Keep up the good work!
We are praying daily for the group!
Love you Seth!

Sandy Johnson

Janet said...

Wow! Yesterday sounds like a day none of you will forget for a long time. The pictures help me realize how different things really are where you are at. It's one thing to hear about it, but, to see these conditions really shows it. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. :) I loved seeing you up on stage worshipping with the locals. Jordan, how awesome that you can do one of your favorite activities with some of the Hondurans.
It sounds like you are staying very busy. Can't wait to hear from you again. Thanks for the udpates.
Love ya Jordan and Morgan! You're awesome!


Janet Inman (Jordan's mom)

Hank said...

Wonderfully touching stories and photos to boot! Life changing for the group and yet somehow an every day event the local folks. How strong of a faith for all, to both give AND receive.

God works the mightiest of acts through the meekest of His children.

May your heart stay soft, your eyes stay open, and your faith stay stead fast. Prayers non-stop from home. God bless.

We love you all,
Hank Dragoo

hank said...

Did the missing bag ever show up? Whose was it? Someone's personal bags or one of the supply bags we packed? Did the guitars show up in good playing Shape?


David and Teressa said...

Trevor: Thanks for the updates - they have been useful not only to track the kids, but to understand the good work that they are doing. It is nice to know that there are still people out there that not only talk the talk but can also do the walk! I know that we could not be prouder of Ashley and her friends.

Janet said...

I just got home from having lunch with the ladies from our small group. They asked me to pass along their well wishes and to let you know they are praying for all of you daily. Everyone is so proud of you. It takes a lot for kids your age (and adults, too) to give up 10 days of their summer vacation to go and work as hard as you guys are.
I know you are experiencing lots of heavy rain like we are here at home. Please keep Mike and Betsy Crawshaw in your prayers. They lost everything in their basement including their furnace/air conditioner AND 3/4 children are back at home for the summer. Very stressful situation.
Can't wait to hear what you've been doing the past couple of days. Dad and I both have been checking the site frequently. We enjoy getting the udpates.

Love to all of you,

Janet (Jordan's mom)