Friday, June 6, 2008


Sampedrana went great. Much soccer was played, bunk beds built (five total so far) stained, movie shown, more soccer played, and rain, more rain, and a little more rain on the way there, while there, and on the way back.

More pictures tomorrow night...if I get home in time after youth group


Lisa Sweeney said...

Rain, Rain and more Rain...??...AAAhhhhh just like home!! It has been raining off and on at home in Indy too...LOTS (don't tell Steve but he will have to replace some carpet in the basement when he gets home...sssshhhh). Im so glad to hear how God is using you guys to get so much done for the people there. I can't wait to hear ALL of the wonderful details. Keep up the good work!

God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

We have been having torrential rain here as well. Martinsville had more than 8 inches last night! I am so glad that you were able to get so much accomplished despite the rainy weather. Sounds the rain did not dampen anyone's fervor for serving God with their heart and hands!

Thanks for the updates. I have sent the webpage on to all Seth's family sponsors so they can follow the trip!
Keep spreading God's love!

Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson

Janet said...

Rain--sounds like home. We have had so much rain that we have seen streets flooded that we have never seen before. Jordan, Dad is trying to keep up with your yards! It's hard when it's raining this much.:)
Despite all of the rain, it sounds like you are getting much work done in God's name. Are you playing soccer in the rain? Jordan, you're loving that, huh?
Hopefully,it will stop soon and you'll dry out!
Can't wait to see some more pictures. Thanks again for the updates. Much appreciated!


Janet (Jordan's mom)

Hank said...

What fun! Soccer and rain. Beds built to sleep ten. Folks will really like that. You guys are doing awesome work. Thank you very much for sharing. Also, thank you for the updates and photos. I'm certain you've gotten more important things to do, but the folks here at home really love it.

Love to all,
hank Dragoo [Morgan's dad]