Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More corn...and a huge birthday surprise

Corn distribution in Pueblo Nuevo...the pastor decided to divide the big bags up for them to have a greater outrech with it....so we just went to four "close" houses to give corn, and were back fairly early....

....early enough for me to see my birthday present....Valerie got a perm! It has been at least 13 years, but I still maintain she straightened her hair a few months after we got engaged and it has been like that since (16 years ago) but regardless...I have not seen curly hair for a long time. It was probably one of the best birthday gifts she could have given me.

Lindsey, our other intern (Julia the nurse being the other...she arrived Sunday afternoon, she will be working in the clinic) arrived safely on her long, very long plane/bus journey this evening. She will be helping us administer and work with the groups coming in the next month, and Julia will be working in the clinic helping (among other things of course) and honing her skills over the next six months!

Pray our nutty president here in Honduras Mel Zelaya, would come to his senses and re-open the airport here! This ridiculous situation of closing the airport to what is a minimal long term risk and putting everyone at greater short term risk on the roads here driving back and forth from San Pedro Sula is....so frustratingly crazy it should be laughable. And yet, here we are...with groups having problems getting here, thousands of people wasting thousands of gallons of fuel to get back and forth, and many more thousands of people without work, from ambulatory vendors to zany taxi drivers. It is enough to make you want to go....to God in prayer! Lord knows anything short of that seems to have little impact...in general, and with ol' Mel especially.


Sandy said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!
GLad that your intern, Lindsey arrived safely.

I will start praying for wisdom for "Mel" ASAP. I can only imagine how much added expense for you and others to fetch people from SAP. $$ that could be used so much better in other avenues.
And the impact on all the local economy without the airport must be phenomenal!

Sandy Johnson (Seth's mom)

Hank said...

How hard was it to wrap that birthday gift? :-) Curly hair in a box!

Even as inconvenient as the airport situation is, far worse things could be realized.

Thank you Lord for the hearts that travel to distant lands, sharing your love. Thank you for their courage, and the strength You place in us to dig deeper, when the need is greater.

Please keep safe those who add hours to their trek, to do your work. Please instill the good steward sense in those who sit in power, that others can touch even more of your children.

We turn this and all our worries into Your hands.

In Your name, Father Almighty, we pray.


Janet said...

Glad to hear your intern arrived safely despite the LONG journey. How frustrating to have to travel so much further to reach the airport. I will pray for your leader to "come to his senses," and reopen the closer one.
As your trip comes to a close, I will pray for your safe travels home and for all of your work and wintessing to have had an impact on the Honduran people.
Thanks Trevor for the udpates and "Happy Belated Birthday."

In His Name,

Janet Inman (Jordan's mom)

Lisa Sweeney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIPE!! Curly hair....what more could a guy ask for!! You crack me up!

I am so excited for all of the things that were accomplished over the last week. I have read the blog all week and just confirms that God has been so good to us here in the US. We don't even know what we have. I speak to my kids about it often. Thank you Trevor and Valerie for everything you have sacrificed to show Jesus to those who might never know Him otherwise!!

Tell the "kids" to have a safe trip home and I must say I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Steve again...I miss him!!

Safe travels group!! God Bless!!