Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long trip

Well, we made it safe and sound to SPS, and then back again with the next group (although with all the traffic, it took us an extra hour.) Unfortunately for six of the group, they arrived just tonight...and at 11:something at that. Oscar was there waiting for them for almost three hours himself!

This travel back and forth to SPS is...interesting.

Today we unloaded the corn container, and the group additionally mixed concrete and dug the lovely ditch we need to continue (although a sledge and a pick ax were valiently lost in the effort)

I am not getting the sleep I need. Hmmm, speaking of that, it is 1:03 as I write, and that being in the AM. I should therefore stop working and get to bed.


Anonymous said...

hi mom and dad
this is jj
i love you to death

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's DAy
hope you are having a good time in honduras!
love you guys,

sounds like the trip is fun:)

jj said...

i miss you

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristina Lama,
Hope you are doing well. We are all praying for you. Let us know how you are. We love you, Mom

Laurel said...

Mitch I love you, things are going well. Carrie is better, Luke is coming home tonite. Hope you had a good Father's Day. Love to all of you, Laurel