Sunday, August 17, 2008

Odd happenings and thoughts

I love my wife. Here is just another example. Our hand soap runs low. Low enough that the pump mechanism can not suck the remaining soap. I suppose most people see that as time to put the vessel out to pasture. Not my wife. She fills the vessel with water half way, so that the soap mixes with it. It loses potency, so you have to use more, but that way you use all the soap. Ingenious.

I could not help but take a picture of this vent seen at a local venue some time ago. It occured to me that most people never look at this dirty vent. It is on the ceiling, out of reach, and for most, probably out of mind. Otherwise the restroom looked very clean, well kept, yet there was that dirty area. Further in that room, I had time to reflect on the many dirty vents in my life. The room was wiped clean, yet I keep letting a little (or much) dirt through the vent.

And then (this was quite an epiphonous moment in the bathroom I guess. I was not that long in there, I assure you) I thought about the fact that lately I have seen so much made of trying to get rid of prejudice, evil, wrongs against innocents, etc. and looking at that dirty vent, I was remidned that this is a fallen world, full of sin. Thinking that things will change, that as a world there will be peace, understanding, and 'all getting along' is just deluded, wrong and misguided. Jesus did not tell us as Christians that things would go well for us (quite the opposite) and why should we expect anything else for the rest of the world?

What a downer, right? Remembering that is actually encouraging. It helps me to understand why some of the things that happen, happen, and not to be longing for things that will not be so.

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Cameron said...

That's funny that you too had those same thoughts about life and hoping it will get better etc.

I was just talking to someone recently who was complaining about someones horrible behavior and how they thought that person should act a certain way. My reply to her was, "This person is not a Christian yet you are expecting Christ-like behavior. Focus more on bringing them to Christ and the behavior will hopefully follow."

Keep up the good fight. Peace.