Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have not been posting any blog updates recently as you no doubt can see, and were surely worried and concerned. That is so nice of you!

Having no groups here definitely gives more flexibility to my schedule, but I was still very, very busy trying to get things where I needed them to be for our His Eyes board meeting yesterday. It went well, at least in my mind. Very well in fact. I think even though we were not face to face (Skype conference call) mostly it was a time for me to just share as much as possible in a "short" amount of time to many of those who are helping steer this ship, and that release was cathartic. Even though meeting gave me a whole new list of things to do, investigate, fix, etc. they were/are all good, and things for the good and future of the mission, so I have a little more renewed energy to move forward.

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