Monday, July 28, 2008

Around the bend

Today we worked construction, more on the new clinic, in the morning, and then in the afternoon distributed corn through a list the evangelists at the Church created. Due to the areas we were visiting, I did not leave the truck...and that meant Cecilia translated for the group in my truck. I did not get to hear much of what she did, but I was very impressed at her job and willingness to jump in. Some of the group were impressed...and her praying at the last house to close things was great, because we have been talking lately about the privledge we have in prayer, not something to shurk or be embarrassed about doing, and to see her jump in was gratifying. This video gives some examples of her translating for the group...the older man she was talking to gives some interesting answers to her questions...her translation is not surprising given what she was hearing. You will need to turn up your volume to catch all this by the way.

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