Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday and this afternoon brought clothing distributions. A suprising number of people in both locations...yesterday for not being as many as we thought (but still a bunch) and today for more than we anticipated given we just did one there a few weeks ago...albiet it was raining then and today was nice, sunny, and warm.

Among the interesting things we have, sell, and have to throw away, was a box of scarves someone brought over a year ago. I took it with us yesterday and they sold very when folded to be used for curtains. We had plenty of Chevy Silverado brand new T-shirts as well...XL being the only size, proving to be a tough sell. And more than a few huge winter coats, which unless cut into blankets, also not a very big seller. The people in both places though were very happy with what we were able to bring in Christ's name overall...and in both places I got more than a few questions on when we would be able to return.

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Kerry Callow said...

If it would help the Silverado shirts sell, our daughter,Erin knows a cut and tie fashion design that will make even an XL shirt fit her. She could demonstrate the technique (Bucket List style) and the teens could make them for the next time you go on clothes distribution.