Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I assume many of you have received those checks from the government, the ones we are supposed to take out to stimulate the US economy. I write to seek out what others have done with those checks....because I am conflicted.

My nature is to take the check, and put it in savings (either starting our house purchasing fund even if not much, or in the kids college accounts) however I know that was not the reason it was given to me.

I could spend that money easily on things I want but do not need, replacing the Ipod that was stolen from me, getting some fancy no-space-needed dumbbells, etc. and so fulfill the intended purpose, but I am not sure I should yield to such conditions on the money...although why I feel that way is odd...if someone I knew gave me money and said, "go have fun, buy something you do not need" I would comply...but a faceless government? Do I have the same obligation to spend the money they give me in the same way I have to pay my taxes to them?

Or, I spend half and save half? It is a good problem to have to be sure.

So, what do you think, or what did you do? I could go either way, I am seeking counsel....unless the counsel is "too much to think about...just send it to me!"


sherrymorris said...

For us ...

Part toward home construction (lumber, insulation, etc.) and clothing shopping we did to support strapped friends in West Virginia.

And part to help cover costs of my wonderful mission trip (the airline, mostly).

We didn't buy toys for us (although an i-pod would be appealing!), but we did spend it.

In fact, we could use a few more incentives...as it were... since tonight we decided we needed to help out our son who is learning the hard way the result of not living up to a loan obligation. Or, should I say, we're all learning.

We would have saved it if we could have.

Cameron said...

You know my wife and I had questions first about tithing a portion of it...which we ultimately did. And then we used it to help pay for a little vacation...which helped in more than one way. But yes, we did spend it! Haha!