Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, another group done, a great amount done for the Kingdom. Praise God for what He does through these groups!

Pictured at left is what the beginning of our now almost weekly corn distributions look like near the clinic. The economic situation has deteriorated to the point where people are willing to come to the clinic, sign up for corn, then come back and wait for us on their appointed day for us to take it to their homes. Over 200 families have already signed up. This means some people are waiting months to get their corn. It is not ideal, but the best way we have figured out how to manage this, keep our sanity, and make the corn last as long as we can...otherwise if we gave corn out on the property, we would probaby be out by now.

This picture is of a woman receiving corn...and her sister. Her sister was featured not too long ago in the newspaper here. Valerie has been to visit her as well since she is a friend of Nerys since that time.

Her husband was upset with her one day, something to do with property or a house, and decided to cut off her hands. A situation that is shocking to say the least. The husband fled to avoid being taken by the police, but she still lives in fear he might come back and kill her. She has been approached by the secretary to the first lady here, supposedly to take her to the US to get her a prosthesis on both her hands, hopefully in August. She used to make tortillas for a living.

Speaking of the first lady, due to our president's totally policital move (I could give my brilliant political anaylsis here, but now is not the time) to close TGU to the large planes, (the official designator for Toncontin International Airport here in Tegucigalpa), we made the drive on Friday to drop off the group from Maple Grove. Although the airport is now open again to such planes, it is taking the airlines some time to gear up operations (all should be back at full bore on August 1st.)

Going up was fine weather, although we did see two accidents (both with fatalities, one with three dead and 11 injured)

Coming back however, meant rain, more rain, and then rain with fog. Ah, what lovely safe driving weather. We made it without incident to ourselves (even though we were both alone in the cars...and tired of course) but not before seeing a total of...five or six accidents? I lost count. As you can see, it got bad enough I started documenting the accidents, and the weather. And at one point, I saw a semi trailer driving straight, while its trailer was trying to turn to the right. Forutnately right meant it was skidding away from me, as this was all happening as I was passing him! Going up...4:15 hours, coming back, with stopping for a quick lunch, a total of 5:30. Counting time at the airport (a relatively smooth visit there) meant we were gone for almost twelve hours. I had many opportunities to thank God for my safety, health, family, and fully functioning vehicle, but regardless will be much happier if all things come together and Monday is the last time we have to go to SAP for quite some time.

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SherryMorris said...

We're so appreciative of your service to us Maple Grovers ... giving us so many opportunites to serve & learn while with you, and delivering us to the SJS airport for our departure back home.

Your trip home was long & harrowing & filled with God's protection. Our trip home was smooth and easy compared to yours.

It is a pleasure to now know so much more of the work done by Hiseyes in HIS name. Love to you all.