Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying by

So, I see I have not posted since last Friday eh?

Whew, Saturday we did a clothing distribution near Nueva Armenia

Sunday brought Rick from the group preaching here in Teguc, and then off to a long afternoon, but good one, in Lepaterique for another clothing distribution.

Yesterday and today we went to stay in Sampedrana, doing soccer ministry with the kids, having a sermon and testimony along with a rather interesting movie presentation, and then today catching up on several small construction projects including fixing the roof of the Church (we think) painting more bunkbeds, and bringing sand from the river for use in block making for the soccer field.

Tomorrow we make the trek back to SPS, slower this time, staying overnight and getting an early (like leaving the hotel at 4:30 or so) start for the group to get back to the US, and then pick up the next group a few hours later and make the trek back again to Teguc and start all over again!

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