Friday, June 27, 2008

We were floored

Wednesday we went to San Juancito to pour the floor for the Church building there. Lots of rain, 59.5 bags of cement, moving sand and fill material and lots of work by the people from the group and the Church there , and it was totally finished! The rain was welcome while building (and not surprising it rained more when we broke for lunch, and then subsided when we went back to work...and then dumped when we went to leave.

Yesterday was corn distribution supporting the new burgeoning work in Cantaranas. Several people we visited Jonathan was reaching out to through the growth groups, and I was impressed by what many of them had to say about the groups, and the studies they were receiving. Jonathan even had his eye on a piece of property for the future. All in God's timing. God spared us the rain while giving out the corn...and brought it back for our trip back to Teguc. This is the most rain a group has endured in two days that I can remember for quite some time.

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