Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mas vale en valle

Here I am, taking advantage of some time I have here in Valle de Angeles while the group is souvnir shopping. Given that I have internet access already paid for at my home, why am I using an internet cafe you might ask? The cost is $.75 per hour, and otherwise I would just take a nap. I might as well be productive, and then hopefully on the end of this day get a little more time to spend with Valerie, or just nap then.

We went to San Juancito this morning to do corn distribution, impactful as usual. The roof is going up on the building...I am going to scrimp somehow for them to have the money necessary for them to try to get the whole building under roof before the 9th anniversary services this weekend, which we are planning on attending.

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Steve & Lynne Razor said...

Felipe, my brother! I just started our blogspot today. Check us out at http://therazorsgreatadventure.blogspot.com/