Monday, July 7, 2008

Paper hanger, one armed

Time for bed, actually past time, quite a bit, but here I am, because I now know there are actually people out there, you for example, reading this, and praying for us, especially this summer.

The group from Brazil....Indiana has been busy helping with stucco work, clothing sorting, sales, and distributing corn. They have been great at getting things done even with Oscar and I trading off to get some time to do some other errands.

This morning, I left to hit the bank, etc. I had no breakfast, thinking I would easily have time after leaving the clinic....uh no. Then I was sure I would have lunch before meeting them at 1:30 to do corn distribution. Wrong again bucko. Busy, line at the bank for 1 1/2 hours total, then looking for a hardware store to buy a new in-line water heater (one just up and burnt the person who was in the shower at the time the nickname "Sparky" although she was not personally sparked) and something to fix the dryer handle...currently it is impossible to turn the blasted thing to "on." Sounds simple, eh? We shall see. I made it back just in time to use the facilities, and scarf some no doubt highly nutrious, and totally Honduran "Doritos" and then it was off to do corn, this particular time with some of the evangelism team from the Church for followup visits later (we saw one of the ladies we visited last week in Church on Sunday.)

Sunday, when was that? Just yesterday? Sunday was a full Church day, afterwords discussing, greeting, seeing people we have not been able to talk to otherwise for quite some time. Luis Escalante (some of you know him...he used to be the band leader for the Church) announced his engagement during the service, then asked us to be their padrinos (godparents?) for the wedding....which he then revealed is this Saturday (they had been planning it for quite some time.) We met with them late this evening to talk, spend some time together, etc. Given there is another wedding we are invited to this weekend at the Church, it should make for an interesting time for the group that will be here then (perhaps we will send them in our place to the one down at the Church?) Until Saturday, we are still figuring out, along with Luis and Carolina...what it is that padrinos do. What I do know they do, is walk around making offers others can not refuse. Saturday should be an interesting night indeed.


Sherry Burnam said...

Thanks for taking the time to post comments. Many, many of us do read them and pray for you daily. You and Valerie will be amazing padrinos! Your influence throughout both the church and the community are evident. May God continue to use your family, His Eyes, and the clinic to shine the light of God's love upon the people of Honduras!
Sherry Burnam

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. I wish I had time to hear your response to what a padrino actually does. I really need to know.

I leave Friday for Tegus (flying TACA so it's straight to Toncontin...YES!!) and am "La Madrina" in a wedding July 19.

Sounds like you'll have an interesting Saturday, to say the least.

Cindy from California