Friday, July 11, 2008

Shaken, but not fried

I know things from the internet side of things probably looks rough here lately, to the point where one very well meaning friend said yesterday "you sound fried man."

I suppose physically, all of us are a little on the edge. Oscar for example is sick today...his back, but mostly just tired. I think I could have a hernia, high blood pressure, and a general state of malaise from lack of sleep, self abuse, and a diet that yo-yos from deprivation to over indulgence.
However, even with him being sick yesterday, we both commented on how well things are going for the Kingdom work...and how was that possible? Heaven knows we should have fallen over from exhaustion or something by now! Oh yeah......GOD!!! After all, we took on this assignment not due to human sanity, but rather to make obvious that through it all God is doing it all, and for Him to be praised! (that is the reason we are on the Earth after all)

We are not fried. I am in fact continually encouraged, especially throughout the physical stuff, the robberies, the constant driving, petty theft, annoyances, personally being lied to, etc. they go on and on, because we live in a world that has fallen, a world of sin. That should not really surprise us, and in fact, if we are being fruitful for Christ, one would expect these things all the more.

I am encouraged because this work God has given us, and as such, He continually fills us up, helping us to go on. So rejoice with us in what God is doing, not lamenting what Satan does, because he will do what he will do. Our reactions, decisions, and work depends not on what happens around us, but on who lives within us! Pray for filling of our tanks, for the Holy Spirit to fill us to overflowing, and that when His time would come, for rest, relaxation perhaps, and time to do His will through everything we do (even with this eventual rest!)

Also praise him because according to the police commendant for the area (who got an eye exam Wednesday morning...the robbery was in the afternoon) he will put a policeman at the clinic during operating hours, at least for the time being. This gives us some time for God to show us what to do in the long term, as I do not anticipate such a high degree of police presence in the long term.

And while at it...Thursday the group from Brazil IN left, and the group from Maple Grove (Bloomington IN) arrived, is here doing well, and working construction today, furthering the advancement of the new clinic building, and helping sort, and get things organized in the man cave.

We did have to say goodbye to Lindsey as well yesterday, which is a loss to the work here, she was very handy to have around during her month here. We pray God would guide her in her studies coming up (too soon probably for her) and continue to use her in His ways for His Kingdom.

Peace of God...out.

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