Sunday, July 13, 2008

Romantic lighting

Well, first things first. The clothing distribution in Pueblo Nuevo yesterday was not quite what we were expecting. I took some video (not yet uploaded to the computer sorry) to demonstrate the vast quantity of people there (500 or more easily...SWAG) Oscar's Ford broke down before even leaving Teguc, causing him to be about two hours behind us in the white Ford.

So without an early arrival back to the mission house after the mass pandemonium of the clothing sale, I had to somewhat put some spring in my step to get back home in time to get changed and ready for the wedding.

We approached the location, and I made little mental note to the fact the stop light was out...or that the street lights were out. After all, Applebee's had power. You guessed it, the power was out in the building. Candles lit the way, which was rather romantic, but not conducive to video or pictures. We performed our padrino duties with relative ease (more of a relationship guidance role than a huge deal in the wedding itself...we had to put the symbolic lasso around the couple to signify I suppose they were tied together forever.) Of course, as if on cue, the power came on just as we were about to get our plates for the lovely catered food that was served.

Today was the 9th anniversary of the Church in San Juancito...great to see the new building taking shape, now totally under roof and very well decorated for the weekend festivities. They will next be focusing on getting doors and windows on the building to be ready to make the switch permament.

By the way, this summer has been the wettest I have ever seen here now officially. It just keeps raining!

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Justin Clark said...

Hate to hear that Hillclimber 2 broke down, but glad it's up & running again. It's hard to imagine a clothing distribution with that many people, so I'm looking forward to seeing the video.
Just think, the more rain falling = more water in the cistern which = less $! (plus free showers for anyone riding in the back of the truck)