Friday, July 25, 2008


I am getting tired.

I was up until 1:00AM trying to get parts for the Fords, some of which the Blue Ford needs ASAP. I still did not figure everything out that we need to get (like new am I supposed to pick out new, better illuminating headlights via the internet I ask you?)

Then going to the hospital today, well, it is tiring as well...more emotionally and spiritually, but also physically.

Given this little child as an example...this is after a few months in the hospital and marked improvement. Hard to see in this picture is the severe skin allergy he also had.

Praying with the adult women in the cancer ward was especially touching...knowing deep down that many of them might never even get to go home but will die right where they lay, or lie, although I trust everything they told me. Hmmm. Ah, whatever (grammar queen is looking over my shoulder as I type.)

The police keep coming to watch over the clinic. We have been trying to feed them...happy police are better police. Cecilia wanted to go down this afternoon, providing an interesting picture of life in Honduras...or at least so I decided.

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Anonymous said...

We have been reading your blog daily since our teen group is visiting. We know that God is going to use this experience mightily in their lives. We trust that they are working as diligently there as they did in preparing for the trip. One of our prayers is that they could be the hands and feet of Jesus and that they would also be an encouragement to you by laboring along side you. Always remember that God "will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them." Hebrews6:10. You are storing your treasures up in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy and theives cannot break in and steal. We are glad that God has sent the police to help guard the clinic, allowing you to focus on your work. Our prayers are for God's hand of protection to be prevalent. Remember that when bad things happen, God can use them for His honor and glory. As Joseph told his brothers in Genesis, you ment it for evil, but God ment it for His good. Libby's Mom