Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I dropped Lynn and her gang off at the airport this morning, and here I sit, at the late hour of 7:41AM, typing on my computer instead of rushing out to meet a group.

Huh? What an odd feeling. I had time to eat breakfast, talk with the kids, actually give them a kiss and wave goodbye, take out the trash...all things I have not really done for quite a while.

Now here I sit, ready to tackle budgets, monthly financial statements, going to the bank and other daring, exotic activities. It may not be exciting, a bit challenging even, but a change of pace that allows for some flexible and/or free time, which should prove to be nice.

In other news, we visited Sampedrana yesterday for a clothing distribution, and the walling of the Church is complete. Now the only thing left to add are the windows, and the door. They are also talking of painting the panels as well.

Oscar called me from Costa day of travel down, today he should be arriving in Panama.

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