Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pueblo Nuevo...de nuevo

Lynn is here with some of her cohorts and that means going out to do some more clothing distributions. Today was re-visiting the crazy Pueblo Nuevo of July fame. This time, the promotion was kept to a minimum, and I guess there were only 200 people there or so. No one was hurt during the mad dash to get in, and in general things went much smoother.

I was threatened by a police officer however. The first officer at the check point was dealing with a car that was not fully pulled off the road. He however moved just a little, then waved me to keep coming by them. I complied, erring on the side of caution, and therefore disregard for the orange cone in the middle of the road. This apparantly angered the next officer in line, who pulled me over, and then threatened me with a ticket...for running over the cone. He had me get out, the whole schpiel. I explained the situation as I saw it...and then gave me full reign to do what he saw fit as an officer of the law, as I respect the law and its officers. Apparantly his gruff attitude was trying to provoke a reaction of me being scared, which I was, but I was only scared of the time I would lose with the hassle of the ticket, not scared of anything else. Seeing he was not going to get a bribe...he told me to be more careful with those cones (as surely there are officers standing in some instances in the same "lane" those cones occupy) and sent me on my way.

I had to chuckle...he was angry I hit the cone versus his partner.

Oscar left for Panama today....prayers for him traveling solo, that far....I can only imagine. Ugh. He left in the new vehicle the mission was able to help provide him with, a 2002 Toytoa Hilux. This replaces the Hilux he had with one that is all in one piece, not leaking several different fluids at the same time, and actually providing a comfortable ride for him...and his precious cargo he will be bringing around the first of September.

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