Thursday, September 11, 2008


It occurs to me that we live in dangerous times, my friend. No shock there, just more obvious today.

For starters, some of you might remember Sebastian, who has done some construction work for us this year on the clinic off and on. He was walking home Sunday night (he lives a block from the clinic) and two robbers (imagine living like this, which is a typical story...they live in his neighborhood, and he knows who they are) wanted his cell phone, so they stabbed him to get it (no "hand over the phone" or anything) the reason they did not ask...because they were trying to kill him. He raised his hand and that kept the knife from going into his chest.
If you remember Alejandra, who has translated for us, her brother came today to do some prep work for the new car alarm for the Ford (those that have been here know why we need a new one) and luckily he was in the front of the bus he was riding...because he saw thieves in the back holding people up.
And if all that was not enough... I am driving the Ford with at least one part of the suspension hanging by its lonesome. Not extremely dangerous...but I have to take it easy. The Defender needs work too...but our mechanic is in the hospital/treatment center (again...he has a drinking problem...binges to the point of putting him out of commission.)
Things here are fine...we are fine...but...things here can be dangerous. We are safe because 1.) God is protecting us 2.) we take precautions. But, one can never really be "safe" and that is why we have our faith and trust on something beyond this life, which can change at any matter where you live.
In other news...we defeated Jamaica (Ha-my-ka for those of you boning up on Spanish pronunciations of foreign countries) 2-0 last night on our continued road for the World Cup qualifiers. I am sure any friends outside the US know exactly how their respective teams are doing...those in the US? There are fans there, I know that, but the people that read this blog? I am guessing none or almost none know that the US is undefeated in its grouping ( all honesty, is not the strongest grouping around.)


Laurie said...

Yes, we are living in dangerous times. I am hearing of many more crimes in the past few months. I live in Tegucigalpa. And yes, everyone is excited about the win over Jamaica and Canada.

Sherry M said...

I know very little about the world cup ... yet another thing I need to improve on ... but I continue to raise you and your entire team up with protective prayers to continue doing the good work you're doing for our Lord.