Sunday, September 7, 2008

Night out?

So I am sure all of you are up on Honduran World Cup qualifier action. I know people get together for big games in the US...but really, at least what I have seen pales in comparison to the general unity of action here.

I knew the game was last night, but what I did not know is that Julia offered to watch the kids so we could go out. Hmmmm. So, we ran some errands, and then tried to go eat. Did I mention there was a game versus Canada last night? We finally did end up eating somewhere that was not too busy...but after driving by many an eatery (which was easy...there was hardly any traffic anywhere!.) It was as busy as Valentine's or some such thing...except everyone was perhaps eating, definitely drinking, oh, and watching the game. Some places had just TVs, some had projectors, some had entire tents to handle the overflow with TVs and big screen was nothing short of amazing (normally I would be staying at home to watch the game and not get to see such things.) They even had a group gathering at one of the indoor stadiums here (the game was in Canada) for many a person to go and watch the game in solidarity.

We did end up somewhere with TVs...and a big screen set up for the event, and we got to see most of the game...Honduras 2-Canada 1.

In addition, when we were driving around, some restaurant or bar (we have never been there) was setting off fireworks. I have never had the opportunity to take pictures on my camera with the "fireworks", it did a great job (I have included a sample...makes a great desktop background on my computer.) We literally parked and watched them set them off these fireworks 30 feet from where they were launching. Safe? That question entered my mind...but possible because...everyone else was watching the game! I have not seen fireworks that close to me in quite some time (they were not that high.)

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grimfairy said...

Beautiful pic! I imagine it was a ghost town in Honduras with the game. My husband was going insane b/c our local TV stations only aired the Mexico vs Jamaica game.