Monday, September 1, 2008

Supper out...with theological implications

So what do we do for fun here in the happening burg of Tegucigalpa you ask? Well, we have fun...just perhaps not what most people might consider fun. Saturday we did not have a date, but did skip out leaving Julia in charge long enough for dinner. And what with the foodcard debit card here giving 20% free for use at certain restaurants, well, it makes it hard sometimes to go other places knowing you are getting that discount. Not really wanting much of anything though, we decided to hop to each of the included restaurants that were hoppable, the topper being that Burger King had a quadruple burger (hey, I was running the race the next day) and hash night! (we also got a little something at Little Caesar's and Church's Chicken.) We ate at Dunkin Donuts, but by the time our little items added up, we were not hungry for any we just sat in their place and ate, loiterers we were! Believe it or not, there are a few more chains included in this deal as well...all owned by the same investment group. Why else would I eat at Chili's?

I could not help but see this sign at Burger King while we were waiting to show them my undercooked burger. Of course the main theme is their "have it your way," but for those that can not read it (because it is small, or it is in Spanish, or both) the last two placards that caught my attention most read: "come with your friends, come alone, come with your girlfriend, come with a friend's girlfriend." and "However you want to come is fine. Because you are at Burger King and things here are your way."

Why did this bug me? I guess the biggest reason is that it exemplifies to me post modernism (in a religious sense...not the other 10 ways or more it can be defined) at its best, and how I see people reflecting that in their view of God. Hey, you want to cheat with your friend's girlfriend? Have it your is even funnier that way! As a matter of fact, whatever you want, however you want it, that is cool too...because after all, things here are however you want them to be (to their credit...I did not see any sign saying no shirt no shoes no service, and their funny sign on the door "PULL, feel free to push all you want, but this door is pretty stubborn" but I wonder how flexible they really are on this whole philosophy.) In the end, you define what is good, how you want it, so go for it, whatever that might be.

And I guess the real reason it bugged me is that it is so close to what a Church should be, yet so far away:

"However you want to come is fine. Because you are coming to God, and He loves you and wants to make you His way."

You can push Him away all you want...but He is still God.

And if I am totally off base here, or the rare ground beef went straight to my brain...please inform me.

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Cameron said...

Amen brother, I feel the same way about how cavalier these companies can be sometimes with the slogans and attitudes of anything goes. It's like the provocative commercials that slowly lower the guard of the culture until they are wearing next to nothing but it seems ok by that point. Nice shirt too bro, I think I have one just like it...except mine says Mandarin and not Honduras!
God bless you all!