Sunday, August 31, 2008

Proyecto Victoria mini marathon

So I knew this race was coming for a while. I did have to see Carlos at the airport to confirm they had not changed the date, and so this morning Julia and I were off to the stadium (ok...the little used baseball stadium across from the futbol stadium) to register. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view point, there was a 5k and 10k as well, bringing out lots of people. I was not aware just how many were running those particular races until they turned off...leaving us pretty much all alone. I do not have a firm count on the 21k (13.1 miles) runners, but our badges of #49 and 50 may not have been far off from the total.

It was somewhat cloudy (not reall over us, but they were there) and humid from the rain all night, but as a much welcome change there were plenty of water stations for us, this is the first race I have finished not dehydrated in some time here.

Partially owing to that, the fact that I was ready for the race, or that having Julia pushed me on a little...or perhaps the route was not a full 21k? was my personal best for such a race 1:48:56 which even included fighting through all those slow pokes, and when we had to stop to pee (as is all too common some bushes on the side of the road....provoked at least for me since I had to hydrate almost 45 minutes before we actually took off). So, I was happy, rested, and felt good....which I hope would be the case if I am really going to run a full marathon in November.

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