Sunday, October 12, 2008


So we have been privledged to have with us a group of three since Thursday, here primarily for a youth conference to speak/teach/preach. It has been good to have a group here again! We went to Sampedrana on Friday to see the now freshly painted with doors and windows, Church building (pictures not yet least until I can copy Brad's pictures that is) and Oscar was along to talk to Gender more in depth about design, implementation, and methods of starting to put up the wall on the soccer field.

Friday night began the conference/seminar, with Saturday taking all day out North of town to what was supposed to be a park...and ended up at a very nice recreational area at a military base with a great view of the valley below. Seminar, lunch, then basketball, soccer and swimming, made for some good times to relax during a cool, overcast day.

Today Shawn from the group will be preaching at Church, then we quickly eat lunch and head out to visit San Juancito and Cantaranas (they want to show us property there available for purchase for the Church body there...please pray about that) and hopefully get back to Teguc before nightfall.

It is a short group as well, they leave tomorrow, and then I get back to trying to tie up all the loose ends here before heading to the US in...gulp...eleven days!

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