Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, it is only two trips

So, Monday the group departed, Brad for Guatemala, and the other guys back to Indiana. I traded kids going to the airport (Monday a holiday here) and Cecilia got the treat of going to the bank and running errands with me...ooooh! There will be many more errands as I wind up the gears getting ready for the trip to the US.

Errands such entire afternoon today (and yesterday.) First day meant going with our lawyer to try to get a fancy thing that no one has heard of...something like a bond or a financial deposit for use with the courts here. We finally got that figured out...and then were told to actually get the paperwork...come back in 24 hours. Of course. I went back today...and now I need the lawyer's signature. Great, that would have been good information to have the day before. So I trekked through the maddening rain soaked traffic to get her signature, and then back to the bank...and then back to her to give her the paper. Ah, what fun. And we will still have to wait a week or more to get the Ford, and perhaps another two months or more for the trial.

Otherwise, I am trying to get the powerpoint presentation done, which is taking hours to find the right pictures, etc. Plus I still need to have the budget for 2009, figuring out how much we could be short, etc. getting ready for another board meeting, handle all the accounting I can before I leave, pack as efficiently as I can with this new one suitcase rule, see my family, get the vehicles repaired (Musso serviced, Ford needs new headlights)...all that and much much more! I am tired just thinking about it. But God will give me what I need, and whether or not I think so...that is good enough for me.

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