Saturday, December 27, 2008

A little trip

Suprisingly to me, no one on facebook has noticed we are not in Honduras from my status updates. I meant to post something here earlier, but I have been so busy trying to relax, I have not had time.

Thanks to Susan and Mark, and three members of our family, we are in Indiana visiting for Christmas for one week. It is a long story, but it was meant as a week to be able to see family, and for them to see us, and for relaxation.

(Soren here posing with his Delta cookie. He loves Delta cookies, "they are excellent" he says. He was very happy to get some...and peanuts too!

We arrived the 22nd at night, we head back through Atlanta for a day and a half and arrive back in Honduras on January 1st.

Here are Cecilia and Soren (and Valerie in the far right of the picture filling up her Aguazul bottle) enjoying the wonderfully amazing US custom of getting free drinking water! Something you take for granted if you live here, but it really is huge for us foreigners.

Here is Mr. Spiderman graciously obeying the command to smile for the picture, and then adding "It is cold!" while everyone else tries to fit in the mighty Tahoe for the drive from the new and lovely Indianapolis International Airport.

We spent the 23rd with the kids with the grandparents, and us traveling to FAME to get some things, having a dentist friend give Valerie's tooth the once over, trying to do a little shopping, and then braving the elements as a wonderful reminder of what we have left, taking almost three hours to make the normally one hour trip back to Felipe's parent's house.

Since then, relaxing, visiting, a little work, and unfortunately for the kids...not really any snow to see. It has been a few years since Soren has been he remembers nothing, but both he and Cecilia were relatively sure that when we arrived in Indianapolis that if there was no snow, then we must be in the wrong place.

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