Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surely make you lose your mind

I really can not complain, and the refrain rings in my would not do any good anyhow. However, we all have our struggles no matter who or where we are, what we do, etc. I have been struggling with stress, as my responsibility level has been very high with things to do, and I am quite sure if it was not God working in me, something might have snapped by now.

This week all the employees at the clinic were technically fired from their jobs (all but one being hired back next year when we start...with contracts this time, another thing to do on my plate.) This is something we had been trying to plan for quite some time, as originally when most were hired, the mission was not planning on paying them the legally required "prestaciones" payment. God worked through a lot of different things, but making that happen this week, studying the Honduran employment laws, talking with the staff, and ultimately getting it done...was not easy or fun, however it made a huge difference in the lives of the staff. Add to that trying to balance the books for the entire mission for October and November, and I am just glad now that I am hopefully learning from all the mistakes I am making to make life easier next month, and for the coming year.

Our financial state is not quite what it should be, and I think that is because mostly we are trying to continue the work on the new clinic building, and the funds are just not all there. Please be in prayer on that aspect of the work. So much more to share there...but it is just too much for me to process at times.

Speaking of the new clinic, the floor was poured in the waiting room and hallway this past week, and the windows were installed in said waiting room...mostly because we needed the area to have the mission Christmas party last night. I believe with a few families that were not able to attend, the final count was 66 people total. It was a long...but very good night all around.

Mark, Susan, and their son Jonathan are here this weekend...helping with the electrical work for the clinic, as well as the party last night, and today more electrical and organizing the man cave work, as well as distributing Christmas food and gifts and gifts to 17 families that Valerie and the clinic staff have identified in the area.

I have not posted a picture yet of the newly inaugarated Church building in San Juancito. I was able to be there, along with Darren Quilley, who we invited to come from Teguc to preach (security in this new building, our eternal security in Christ was the message) and it was a packed house, with visitors from many different parts of the country that have been involved, helped, and supported the work there over the years.) Now we pray the old borrowed building would be left in good condition, and then the transition for Celeo to start pulling out and leaving things to Jonathan would occur....and Celeo is planning to look at starting a Church through the mission, using the clothing ministry to support it in Talanga, a much larger community another 1/2 hour or so from Cantaranas, actually on the main road to Olancho, so that as well is another opportunity for prayer.

And finally...Oscar had a surprise birthday party thrown for him on Sunday. We had a bunch of other stuff to do, so we could not stay for everything...but I did get a picture of his piñ sure to note the glasses and fanny pack Poo is sporting. It was rumored that when hitting the fanny pack...receipts, pens, money, coupons, and other such minutae would rain down.

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