Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy days

So the tile laying continued until yesterday. Hard work. Very hard work. The guys in the group carried on, and the guys that were doing the normal clinic construction also stopped that to do tile work (seen here working on the diamond pattern in the hallway.) The only exception was Kevin, who is an electrician and the two electrical guys working in the clinic. They kept knocking as much out as they could of running wire, installing lights, etc. Overall...there was always plenty of noise and stuff happening, to the point that several times I wished I had earplugs. Sweet sounds nonetheless.

Corn distribution with the evangelism ministry of the Church here in Teguc in a neighborhood where they are fixing their efforts went well. It was the first time I had been near Geovanny's house since he went to be with the Lord several years ago, and we got to see many of that ministry group in action, as the students (members of the Church giving Bible studies and studying themselves in the morning) picked the houses we would visit. Seeing Lilian so involved, even praying out loud so that everyone could here her, was also pretty amazing, at what God is doing in her life.

I had an interesting experience Wednesday. Two police on a motorcycle stopped me on the road. Not usual, but I was not worried. I had my license and registration ready, and they came up and asked me..."What is your name?" Huh? "Felipe" I answered. "I told you so!" The one said to the other "From the blue clinic!" So then they proceeded to inquire as to their variety of ailments what possible solutions I could give them. Now I am not only not an optometrist but playing one here, but was also giving general medical advice. The best advice being...come to the clinic when it re-opens next week after vacation.

We also took the group to the mall. Since there were rumors of some circus perfomers being there, we went and took the kids, and Dora's daughter Diana. It was her first time ever in a mall, and as reserved as she is, it was hard to gauge, but just all the firsts that went along with that (first time eating pizza? first escalator ride? first...?) was humbling.
The group leaves today. Mark and Susan arrived yesterday. The next group arrives tomorrow. Busy? You bet. Just wait until the clinic starts back up, and the kids have classes again!

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