Saturday, January 17, 2009


The group from Owensboro KY arrived today. They were remarkably quick in exiting customs (before I got there even!) and we had a remarkably peaceful afternoon getting to show them the clinic, man cave, and grocery store in the midst of a big promotion (got some more thrown powdered milk for Dora's kids while Soren and I stood there.)

We also got to give the group a tour of the local drive through bank changing money (the money changers at the bank made no money one was buying dollars.) Note the lovely picture of them enjoying the scenery as we waited in line. It was quite the scene.

Now, I was dropping the group off yesterday and saw this little item for sale. I was this close to buying it as a gag gift (for whom? I can think of quite a few people for whom this would be a funny and appropriate gift) but at $25, it was too salty. Still funny though, and they said that someone had indeed already pointed out to them the spelling error. I added that it was also an insult...they did not seem impressed. I did not correct the incorrect punctuation as it seemed beside the point, so to speak.

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