Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A group from SOCC arrived on Saturday. We went to Church on Sunday, then to a clothing sale in Lepaterique that afternoon. To say they people were excited to get in and buy clothes was an understatement.

Yesterday we started on the main reason the group of 4 guys came...laying ceramic tile in the new clinic. It is slow, hard, back-breaking, knee-breaking, fingernail-pain-inducing, work. I can honestly say I have never felt so sore. Just typing hurts my tender fingers (from working with the cement.) I am not sure how we will progress today, but we will press on.

I'm including these last three pictures as just beautiful things from Teguc that most do not get to see on a regular basis....a recently painted mural in the Church, Teguc view from the clinic with a full moon, and a fierce pirate.

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