Friday, January 9, 2009

Take a breath

Ah, I feel like sighing over and over again. A week to catch up on things has produced much of that, but then even or of the other. Those fun projects like baking cookies with the kids, flying a kite, playing with the Legos, hard fought battles of Old Maid have not happened. I feel bad, for them, but more for me. At least I take solice in knowing that I am not being a good father...I presume that is better than not even noticing. Ah, but then rationalizing is an easy thing to do, is it not? I am hoping that the non-construction with the groups these next three weeks will provide opportunities for them to go with us and get to spend more time with me (school does not start until February.)

I heard from Oscar today...apparently no connection in his family to the earthquake in Costa Rica yesterday, although he did tell me his sister had a miscarriage last week.

Here is Soren enjoying my long meeting with Pastor Jorge (at his house) this morning. Between the mother hen and her chicks trying to get in the house, and the German Sheppard that playfully thought about masticating our back side, he did have plenty of time to eventually get bored. Bored enough I finally took a picture. I can assure you what we were talking about was not only mind stimulating, challenging, and thought least to us. (scholarship program, bakery and soccer ministry.) All items for rejoicing, prayer, and deep thought.

Here you get a glimpse into how Cecilia and Soren are properly educated on US/Latino cross cultural living. Yo Amo a Lucy continues into another generation...they would watch it all day if we let them.

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Jamie said...

Just a little're a great dad. I've seen you in action. You don't just lose that title with some necessary business. Being an active husband and father will have it's up and down cycles but continue to make them a priority and everything will work out fine...