Thursday, January 29, 2009


Life can be interesting.

A few cases in point:

Things might be bad, but seeing someone who was told to keep wearing a cast on her broken foot that kept hurting for three months, with no explaination, keeps our aches and pains in check. Here is the group visiting her trying to find some Ibuprofen to give to her to help with the pain and swelling, as well as some advice how to do the best she can to keep the foot up and give it time to heal, hard as that might be.

Despite what some people think...the blue Ford And the kids that washed it for 30 Lps seemed to be able to get all the dirt, muck...and other interesting ingredients off it and get it fairly clean...despite the fact they had no soap, just a sponge and several buckets of water.

Several groups have angled for good pictures of the interesting electrical and cable situations here, but this one takes the cake for me. This is not even in Teguc, but in Valle de Angeles. The chains holding the one box in place is for one of the cable companies, whose rather pricy equipment regularly gets stolen (by other cable companies)

So souvenir business is apparently down. So much so that one of the stores in Valle was eager to give discounts and get the group's well as free granitas at their satellite store just down the road...for all of us. Oscar and I had the bright idea to order the very rare here hot chocolate. Hot, it certainly was. Good too, but that took time for me to get past buring the roof of my mouth.
And how about fajitas and fried banana chips with salsa (chimol) for supper? Sure, it was great. Oh, and how about an aperitif of some raw sugar cane procured through potentially extra legal means in Cantaranas? Ah, excellent chewing material as well.

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