Monday, January 26, 2009

Celestial view here on Earth

So the group started painting the new clinic today. The final color choices, as decided by Valerie and Oscar (with both and neither somehow coming to a concensus, figure that one out) are: Celeste (bright pastel blue) for the walls, and a very nicely blending gray for the ceiling. The parts we did of the ceiling today look great compared to what is without paint, and yet look like we never touched it...blending into the background and not standing out. Perfect. So far using the air compressor and the guns we have is working...but the compressor seems strained, my dad chimes in that the gun may take more of the capacity of the compressor than we might have thought. It certainly lays down a nice patch of paint, this much is certain. I was happy for the extra clothing to protect myself since the paint is oil based (ironic, me using clothing that we were pulling out because it is not needed here...being my size of course...or in this case, close to my size and celebrating the Colts Super Bowl win...longer sleeves to protect me) and that the gun did not in its use also cover me with paint, so the use of thinner on my skin to get the paint off was minimal. If we did not have to use oil based because we were painting this metal...I would prefer in the future never to use oil based paint. What a hassle.

I heard several great compliments for our kids today, and unlike some doting parents, they took me back, not that they are not great kids...but sometimes we focus on what we or others are doing wrong, and overlook what they do right or well. They wanted to help the group this afternoon, so they came to paint, and several people commented that Soren worked hard all afternoon, and one group (as the kids sometimes still refer to group members) remarked that she was frustrated by painting near the existing clinic and not understanding what everyone was saying, and why they were pointing and laughing. She asked Soren what they were saying, and he said "they are happy you are painting the wall because it looks nice and it needed it." Cecilia was hard at work too, even with scraping her knuckle repeatidly. They had fun working...and after visiting the grocery store and enjoying a great strawberry licuado, also had fun snacking with the group in the back of the truck, and then went with Valerie....who did not leave the clinic until well after 5:30 seeing 18 patients today (all the while still training Lourdes) to see Gladys to celebrate her birthday at her house (I remarked last night that Valerie must bake 20 cakes or more a year for birthdays, and she always gladly does so.) She really is amazing...was up late last night trying to get administrative stuff for the clinic done, and again tongiht doing the same thing. She suffers for it (lack of sleep is hard on her, her foot, her back, etc.)...but even still she gladly does it, and it shows she does it all as a call, serving Christ and keeping Him at the forefront in what she does.

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David Lawson said...

Glad to see the clinic is coming along so well. When is move in date?