Monday, February 23, 2009


Did you know we could have a 20 minute discussion (ok, maybe 30) about poop? Yes, it happend tonight discussing hygiene, worms, parasites, the differences, the commonalities, what color and whether said poop would be frothy, and much more. Disappointed you missed out? I was captivated because all this has great impact on the other 100 patients we saw today, how we treat them (with medicine that is) and how we educate them to not continue living in the same cycle.

Here is an interior shot of the new clinic. Work progresses...still quite a bit left to do, but it is getting done, and every time I go inside looking more and more professional and beautiful to see.

The tiling is the grout is being...formed in an interesting, but expediated manner. The only tile left to do is after the doors are installed (to ensure proper clearance) which will hopefully start happening next week.

Nice rainbow on our way to the brigade site this morning. We went even another 1/2 hour past Lepaterique....the site was beautiful, but very rural, and the problems presented represented that. Parasites, worms, infections, respiratory problems, colds (it was downright cold all day there, and even sprinkled most of the way back!) and there were a few very touching sights at least I saw....discussing taking worm medicine, and then watching the child chase it down (it is not good tasting) with water that had so much floating in it it could have been a clear lemonade of sorts. Another was an eight year old girl presenting with malnutrition (sleepiness, hair falling out, etc.)....whose mother died. She was there with her aunt who was presumably (I was almost sure, but afraid to ask, I did not want to hear the answer) taking care of her...she was 12.

Here is Valerie going through the insoles that a recent group member sent (a physical therapist) for her feet problems. The group brought them down...and I was in the house all of two minutes before she started trying them on....bottom line, the most supportive help, and it is a much noted improvement, but the pain is still there. Hopefully that will lessen with time, and improvement due to wearing these orthotics.
Please pray for Dora....has been in the hospital with labor (and other issues...most of which Dr. Reina told her via phone would be ok) since 8:00 AM February 23rd and we have not heard anything since a little after noon. It could be her phone has no charge, but we have no way of knowing (no visitors allowed in after a certain hour of the afternoon.)

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