Thursday, February 26, 2009


We went yesterday for a medical brigade...very interesting experience being Ash Wednesday, and with the mayor's office from Comayagua vaccinating dogs and cats for rabies (yes...people own most of those dogs...actually getting 'leashes' to drag them for their shots) and over 70 patients. That number is lower than past brigades, for which we praise God, as the severity of illnesses, and number of sick people we see there has dramatically dropped over the years of working there, and especially since the Church has been established. Even further proof for us to the future possible success of CHE training (TOT I training seminar all next week.)

Here are some pictures I got from Gender while we were there (downloaded from his camera)
I will try to restrain myself to just posting a few of the pictures.

The Church members painting the Church "building"

Oscar performing a wedding December 31st.

I have pictures of this wedding, which is very nice to see, and the more boring, but also important civil service as well (always two here, not one combined like usually done in US Church weddings)

Gender was concerned about doing a wedding, but the couple was ready, and neither Oscar nor another of our pastors was available, so he was up.

More baptisms!

Clear water as well, not normally seen here.

The soccer ministry continues, and yesterday we found out that the block work is done, now comes the more expensive, and slower moving work of getting the metal posts installed with the "chicken wire" fencing on three sides.

This is a picture of some of the kids in the project getting some T-shirts and back packs.

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