Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am thinking about driving quite a bit. We have to go to San Pedro Sula today to pick up a group. They arrive at 3:20. I am planning on leaving at 10:00am....and not getting back to the mission house until...hopefully before 10:00pm. We shall see.

I did quite a bit of driving yesterday as well....meeting with Pastor Darren, putting in the bids on the vehicles with the Peace Corps (will not find out...if we find out...we won until "sometime next week.") visiting the bank, and then another bank, and then another bank...and of course shopping for the group. This is just a small example of what shopping for a group is like. I would like to think that for the most part it is old hat for me, but of course, building such a fine example to playing with legos as a child is not always easy. Banging your ankle on that funky cart is not fun either. Shopping is serious business. I am glad Valerie does not have to do it...that stuff weighs a ton to push let alone carry up to the mission house!

I forgot the milk project, so made a quick trip with Soren back to the grocery for that (and another overflowing cart of vegetables, bleach, etc. for the group) I wanted just a picture of him with his cool Cowboys hat on backwards...but instead I kept getting this look like in Aladdin where the Sultan intrduces himself to Aladdin who is posing as Prince Ali and the Sultan says he is delighted to meet him...and then turns to Jafar and says "This is Jafar, he is delighted too." And then Soren...I mean Jafar...says without a trace of enthusiasm...."Ecstatic." The irony is that he was in a good mood and wanted to go (until I did not let him sample one of the two hundred jello cups they were preparing for hand out, or jump in the bouncy castle out front)...I think he was just posing for the camera.

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