Saturday, March 14, 2009

Driving is conducive to being tired

I left at around 10:00am. A normal travel day to San Pedro Sula...should have been there no later than 2:00 if not before...four hours max. However, this was not a normal day...yesterday the road was closed near Comayagua due to a butane truck overturning (hitting a horse) all the semis, people, etc. had to travel today. Oh, and did you know that from Comayagua to Taulabe is all torn up for repair/expansion? Thanks to the milinium fund from the US...they are hopefully getting the road to four lane status, and relocating those whose homes are in the way.

To be ended up being a very long, very stressful drive. I did things to get further up the road that I have never done before...God was certainly keeping me safe, and still, with only 45 seconds to pee once (glamorous details) it still took me 6 hours to get to near the airport (by that time Oscar had picked them up and met me there...probably 1/2 mile from the airport.) So I got out, the group balanced out between the two trucks (and yes, just one person... Emerson ...rode up front with me...good thing he is good company!) and we were off again. We stopped for supper at Burger King finally when we got back to Comayagua, and then back to the mission house by 10:00pm.

I am tired....roughly 310 miles in 12 hours....and time for some sleep before changing money, taking a tour, and then Church and clothing, and the grocery store all tomorrow.

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