Monday, March 23, 2009

Group up

The group arrived safely on Saturday, no problems, and got started even though it was late with a tour of everything before supper.

Sunday was a good clothing distribution after Church in Sorroguara, then...back for supper.

Today...hard to sum up. I was out most of the day doing banking that absolutely had to be done, then off to the wonderful world of the DEI to try to get the license plates for the Land Cruisers...most importantly being the one for Sampedrana so we could get it delivered. Of course you noticed I said "try." They gave me enough paperwork to choke a horse, then asked for almost 120 pages of copies (of all the paperwork) and go to the other office...conveniently located... 1/2 hour away downtown. So I get to try to do more of that tomorrow morning, in addition to that LC, the others as well.

The group, and the clinic staff, on the other hand, went to work on the clinic. Cleaning out, packing up, and organizing the old clinic, fixing the water to get it working in the new, cleaning out the new septic tank to be ready for use, painting the doors, the walls, cleaning up the construction stuff, finishing the shower (for the doctor's room) installing the curtain rod holders, and even more that I am forgetting right now.

Tomorrow...more of the same, and getting to move everything in to get it ready...the inaugaration is at 4:00, hopefully with everything set up for them to see patients Wednesday.

So, that means everything is done, right? Not by a long shot, but done enough for them to get going without leaving major dust causing projects to be done inside. Sure...the outside must be cleaned, the container storage needs to be organized, moved, and the containers relocated, the concrete drive needs to be finished, and the turn around poured, plus some landscaping (quite a bit actually) and of course the outside of the building painted....but one thing at a time. Hopefully by the end of the summer we will have been able to use the groups to get at least most of those items done.

Whew, I need to stop and pray.

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