Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a day

So....it has been a long day.

I say that, and of course can only fully appreciate my own version of the day. I spent from 6:40 until 5:30 struggling with, processing, and getting the paper work for the Land Cruisers done, plus coordinating with the mechanic to get all their little problems fixed, as well as change all the liquids, filters, etc...which is adding up, but we are confident it will be for the best long term. So frustrating...and yet so exemplary of how God is with us in the circumstances of life. I had no time to stop for lunch, or water, or the bathroom (but did have to buy two pens...two pens failed me while writing all this paperwork, go figure) and got to know more about paper work, and God working despite my best ineptness to provide a happy result in the end. Of course, we do not have plates yet...but I am assured that it will be a simple matter on Friday to get the rest done. I am sure it will be the case.

The group and Valerie, and Oscar tackled the rest of moving the new clinic. What a good, yet frustrating, yet disappointing day for them on so many levels.

1. Good, because everything did get moved, and they will be open tomorrow for business (Camilo no....still some electrical issues to work out there.)

2. Frustrating...trying to get all that done with the tools we have, and seeing that although it is huge to be in the new building...there is so much left to do (pictures, TVs, extra rooms, break room stuff, organize chairs, install door trim, etc.)

3. Disappointing because although we are in....it will be months and months of more work until it is "done." Good though...at least they have all the space and convenience of the new building while the other stuff comes together.

The group worked their tushes off....until late into the night to get Valerie's equipment up and running, even getting the PB&J ready for tomorrow...when we go to Sampedrana for a new type of project....taking corn to families, at a Church service they are being invited to by Pastor Gender. Please be in prayer for him....Oscar told me tonight that their son is in the hospital (dehydration that got out of hand?) and that after they kept Adrian in the hospital....he got back up the mountain and Lourdes fainted, and now she is in the hospital. I asked Oscar if we needed to cancel tomorrow, and he quoted Gender to say "no, we need to press on with what God has for us to do." I totally agree, and would like to think I would do the same thing in the same situation...but still....wow. I wonder what will come of that service.

I heard that our police officer came in to help with the move as well....in his street clothes in the morning (his day off) and in his uniform in the afternoon (his shift back on duty), which is....amazing, and awesome.

And then I also heard that one of our nursing students was crying...her single mother is out of work, and she will have to drop out of school. Valerie is going to talk to her to see if we can help her get through at least this month to give her and her mother some time to find other work. All the nursing students we have right now are Christians, and have been a huge help and involved not only in the medical side of things, but in devotions/talks/sharing with the staff as well.

So you have seen some pictures of the new clinic....you will not recognize these rooms if I take these pictures in a few months time even, what with the pictures and signs hung, the chairs organized, the rooms finessed (as they see what works best for each room) and more "stuff" added (filing cabinets, desks, hammocks....well, maybe not hammocks, but you get the idea.)

Please pray for Gender and his family for health, and for the clinic staff tomorrow as there will undoubtedly be problems or opportunities for problems what with so much change (and the likelihood for so many patients waiting tomorrow morning to be seen.)

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Laurie said...

I was an eyewitness to the transformation and incredibly hard working group of people that you helped to assemble. Of course, I didn't actually help... but that's another story. Congratulations.