Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sampedrana rocks

I went up early today to help get things a little more organized before opening the clinic at 8:00...putting the chairs in a more orderly fashion, getting the phones finished and installed, which so far are working swimmingly. Valerie and several others all arrived before 8 as well to put up signs, clean, and get things more in order, and the clinic opened at 8:00 without incident.

Let me be clear...much more still needs to happen before I will consider the work on the clinic "done." Like...probably not until late this year between all the odds and ends...but it is open, and functioning (the lab is still functioning as in the old clinic...until we can get the necessary equipment donated, that portion of the clinic will be mostly unused) and Valerie reports a great day seeing patients, although without the TV, it was very quiet. It was a record day, even without Camilo being able to work due to electrical issues with the pump/chair!

Here you see some pictures....of the patients entering after getting their numbers outside (trying a new system there) the new information desk (nursing students will take turns manning that) and the staff praying together before starting the day with a devotion and prayer with those waiting.

The group...we were off to Sampedrana today, sans Land Cruiser (paperwork now in motion...but plates no earlier than Friday) but with a few more than 30 bags of corn for distribution in the unique service planned. We were late due traffic and such, so they got started without us, but we got there in time to hear brother Escoto give a moving testimony about the community being changed by the Church's/mission's presence in the past years, and how he is up walking and feeling fine when his doctor told him last year he would not be able to get out of bed for 1-3 years, some songs beautifully sung (a joyful noise!) and Oscar gave a sermon....about all of us being sinners, needing Christ (Romans 3:23, 6:23, I John 1:9 I recall as main verses) He also mentioned that Churches do not grow because we treat Christ like finding gold in the mountains....we find it, treasure it, but do we share it with others? Why would we not tell everyone of what found us, if it is the greatest treasure we have ever found?

So afterwards we took the corn to the Church for each family Gender invited to then take home. Several people in the group reported seeing people very the point of tears for the gift, something we have not done there for quite some time due to the length of travel for most people to their homes. Gender made a point of letting them know the gift was not from us...but rather from Him that loves them and cares for them not just spiritually, but physically as well.

Then we went up to see the soccer field...the group brought extra money for soccer that is where we will be investing it, in continuing the 10' fence that needs to be done, doing the most important parts to start, and going from there as we have the resources.

Speaking of resources, we are moving forward through Gender to see about getting into the coffee selling mini-business to see if this is something sustainable we can do. We want to help them in the short term get a better price for their coffee, and them in the long run by using proceeds for the Church, or buying more property to grow more coffee.

Gender asked after we talked about the coffee if that would mean some money would be coming for the new building.

"What new building?" I said.

"The new Church building! That one does not have enough space for everyone now coming. We want to use the leftover blocks from the soccer field, and start building a separate building next to the house, not attached."

"What would you do with the existing Church building?"

"Open it dry coffee beans for processing in the future."

It was great to see....the Church seeing a need, and pursuing it. Gender only asked me about money because we were talking about the coffee and it helping the Church. I still struggle with the Church here in Teguc, who has an unfortunate expectation set from groups/missions it was explained to me last week by the pastors "what is in it for us all these groups coming and staying here?" Struggling there with the possibility of dependency...or if not that, the whole situation of seeing those groups and instead of being challenged....just thinking about how they can "help" (money for construction on the building they have planned...which will cost over $200,000) is puzzling and can be frustrating. Sampedrana is not even a two year old plant...and they are already trying to see ways they can do it themselves, not waiting for us to meet such a great need (needing a bigger place for everyone coming...that is a great need) and already formulating a plan....and doing what they can. That encourages us to help them more...when they need it.

Gender's boy Adrian had roto virus, and is reported to be doing better now as of this afternoon (so is Lourdes...she fainted after seeing them try to put the IV, etc. into Adrian)

The flowers were brought thanks to Dilcia, our new child care provider/house cleaner. She was referred to us by a friend, and so far...she has been working very hard and little things like this are so encouraging after a hard day! (they smell great too)

Enough, I need to get to week, I plan to actually sleep eight hours in a row!

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