Thursday, March 19, 2009

Picture this

No pictures today. My camera is officially benched until I can get it fixed. A replacement (along with a few to sell for those always looking for a cheap camera here) is on its way hopefully with the next group on Saturday.

Yesterday we distributed corn in San Juancito, visiting some I had seen before, and some that using the new CHE materials received, that have had Christ come into their lives, and in turn they are coming to Church.

The group I was with certainly got plenty of time to walk...and walk, and climb. I believe it was the first time I can remember in just a casual walk that my ears popped.

I also got a call from the Peace Corps...we won the right to purchase three of the four vehicles we bid on in their auction, which is amazing really, and must be God's approval because it seems improbable that we would win that many otherwise.

Today is the hospital visit, then some site seeing....and getting ready for a very early ride back to San Pedro Sula tomorrow morning (leaving at 3:30 I think....with the road torn up and the anticipated six hour drive, it will be necessary.)

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V said...

Congratulations on the Peace Corps vehicle auction. Much praising to God, indeed! Praying for you and Valerie and the munchkins...